Who Are We?

World Heritage Solutions is led by Marc Patry, formerly the extractives industry focal point at UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre in Paris.  During his 11 years at the Centre, he dealt with many extractives cases and developed a fine understanding of the challenges related to large projects in or near World Heritage sites.  He is engaged with a larger network of World Heritage professionals, both current and former, which can also be tapped into when needs arise.

Marc regularly led World Heritage missions to Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, during which he frequently met with senior government officials, occasionally having the chance to discuss issues with heads of government. 

Marc is also very familiar with the intricacies of the World Heritage apparatus - the application of the Operational Guidelines, the interplay between UNESCO's World Heritage Centre, national governments and IUCN, (the Convention's technical advisory body) and the dynamics of the World Heritage Committee – the intergovernmental body where decisions are made.

With the support of an extensive network of professionals experienced in World Heritage Convention matters, Marc is in a good position to provide targeted and timely advice in support of your decision making.  


Marc Patry