SAFEGUARDING OUTSTANDING NATURAL VALUE The role of institutional investors in protecting natural World Heritage sites from extractive activity

Produced by Aviva Investors, Investec Asset Managers, and the World Wildlife Fund, this report underlines the threats to World Heritage sites from extractive industries, including many case studies, and makes a case for asset management firms to take an active role in encouraging companies to stop working in these sites.


World Heritage Sites and the extractive industries

A study, financed by Shell and JP Morgan, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the World Heritage Convention's application in regards to extractive industries, and recommendations on how to improve it. World Heritage Solutions' Marc Patry was actively involved in producing the study.


Mining and the World Heritage Convention: Democratic Legitimacy and Treaty Compliance

A journal article reviews the transparency and compatibility deficiencies existing in the application of the World Heritage Convention in regards to mining activities. Arguments are presented from both proponents and detractors of the Convention.