As a resource company, or as the project financing division of a financial institution, UNESCO is the first place you would look to get reliable information on the arcane application of the World Heritage Convention and targeted advice on how to deal with it ... however, UNESCO doesn’t work for the private sector.

Our clients are companies like yours - involved in resource extraction work, in infrastructure projects such as dams, roads, or utilities corridors.   We also advise lending institutions who are considering large project financing requests and work with major environmental impact assessment companies, providing specialist input on World Heritage related matters.



  • You don’t know what World Heritage concerns might need to be addressed
  • You’re not sure how to go about addressing them
  • You need the right information in a timely manner
  • You don’t know how an environmental, or a cultural impact assessment should handle World Heritage issues
  • You’re not sure what “Outstanding Universal Value” is, or how it’s measured  
  • You are puzzled by the 290 paragraphs of the World Heritage Convention’s Operational Guidelines
  • You’re not sure if the IFC Performance Standards are sufficient for matters related to World Heritage
  • You’re wondering what a “tentative list” World Heritage site implies for your project


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